2023 Bimota Tesi

May 28th, 2022 · 0 Comments · Bimota

The 2023 Bimota Tesi is a super-compact sports bike with a unique personality, starting with its sharp and avant-garde design. Bimota Tesi 2023 is a bare bike, though it doesn’t look like it because of the mechanized billboards that clog the engine and hide it almost completely. The Bimota Tesi is a bike that everyone involved in the industry should admire.

The Tesi is Italian which is appropriate, as it was the Tesi of engineer Pierluigi Marconi at the university that he rode directly to the Bimota Tesi motorcycle. One, two, and three-D represent the different Ducati engines used in the models. The Bimota Tesi has as much power as the Kawasaki along with a unique steering system in the center. At the moment, the Bimota Tesi is only available in Europe. Currently, only 250 bicycle units can be booked.

2023 Bimota Tesi Design

The 2023 Bimota Tesi follows the Sugomi inspiration for its design. Bimota Tesi makes the bike look like a predator, ready to pounce on its prey. The first thing you’ll notice is the look, which means business. The headlight console is low, giving it a crouched look. Tesi has a double set of LED lights, which look like eyes. The indicators are of the stem type, located on either side under the headlights. The Bimota Tesi is one of the worst-looking bikes you’ll ever find and has an intimidating stance. This allows you to demand immense respect for the streets, even though it is not as big as other liter-class bikes. Because the Tesi is compact, quite maneuverable, and has a comfortable seat posture, it doesn’t make you lean too far forward, making it a little easier to use in the city.

The mirror stems are made of cast aluminum and are fixed. These can be adjusted from the frame. The field of view at the back is not big at all, but it gets a decent job. The instrument panel has options that provide fuel consumption, partial meter, odometer, and range. The tachometer is divided into two parts and is interesting. There is a digital display of up to 3000 rpm, beyond which an LED string is illuminated, at the top of the instrument panel, from 4000 rpm. The headlights are amazing and the LEDs, which are Daytime Running Lights, do an excellent job of illuminating the road. The high beams are also placed in addition to the LEDs on the outside and make life much easier during night driving. There is another LED light placed on the front of the instrument console.

2023 Bimota Tesi Riding & Control

The suspension configuration of the Bimota Tesi is very similar to that of a race track motorcycle. The bike has a fairly rigid configuration and does not have a soft spring. This translates into keeping the bike fairly agile during hard curves around turns and bends on the road. The bike is always kept on the safe foot. However, you may not exactly like to drive on rough roads, as the slightest ripple is transmitted to you. With most of our roads infested with potholes and broken patches, the Bimota Tesi is awkward to handle these conditions. The braking is as good as it can get, with a precise bite at any speed. The anti-lock braking system works smoothly with hard braking, keeping the composure intact. It inspired a lot of confidence as he pushed his bike to the limit.

2023 Bimota Tesi Engine

2023 Bimota Tesi Engine

2023 Bimota Tesi h2

2023 Bimota Tesi h2

2023 Bimota Tesi Engine

The Bimota Tesi  L-Twin engine produces 95 horsepower air-cooled Desmo. But that’s all the outside help this Bimota gets because all the electronics are internal specs and in general this can be said to improve any Ducati engine. There is no serious idea of ​​reducing any cost when building a Bimota Tesi by hand. The best possible parts and materials will always be used. The only reason the 4.1-gallon fuel tank is made of plastic instead of carbon fiber is due solely to a problem in getting carbon fiber fuel tanks approved in the U.S. So this is an accessory of the Tesi replacement market. The subframe that holds the individual seat is all carbon fiber, as well as many other details. According to Bimota, the dry weight is about 370 pounds ultralight. The Bimota Tesi engine feels and sounds great as always and there are no hiccups, just useful torque and power all the way.

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