2023 Benelli TRK

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The 2023 Benelli TRK is a medium-weight adventure touring motorcycle that has been built around a steel lattice chassis. The Benelli TRK 2023  look and build quality of the bike is excellent. The Benelli TRK is suitable for long and light off-road trips as it has no spoke wheels. TRK power and weight ratio are slightly lower. The Benelli TRK  is an Italian brand of premium motorcycles and is one of the oldest Italian motorcycle manufacturers.


2023 Benelli TRK Design

The 2023 Benelli TRK  looks big and imposing and this reason would be enough for some people to bet on this bike. when our machines have an unmistakable presence on the road. The TRK has a beak-like design upfront that is typical of some large ADVs. The overall design looks quite proportionate and many people will agree that there is a clear connection with Ducati Multistrada somewhere in terms of looks. The Benelli TRK now has a body-colored front fender, more rugged-looking artillery protectors, a textured finish on the rear-view mirrors, and an updated instrument cluster.

In addition, the device now looks more premium and the switches are also backlit. There are also two additional switches on both sides of the handlebars and these can be used when opting for fog lights and heated handles for your bike. All these changes come together and ensure that the TRK  is an offer with more value for money than before. The Benelli TRK is an adventure touring motorcycle, there is a good chance that you will be taking it off the road and therefore engine protection is something that should be offered, even though it is not an unconditional all-terrain vehicle. Even a Hero XPulse 200 has one and adding an engine protection plate to the package would only have increased the price marginally. Also, while the windshield does a decent job of protecting you from gusts of wind at high speeds, there’s no adjustment option, which higher-end motorcyclists might want. Lastly, the rear turn signal wires could have been better hidden.

2023 Benelli TRK Reliability

The 2023 Benelli TRK has a vertical handlebar and this, together with a broad and well-cushioned seat, makes it a very comfortable motorcycle. The high comfort of the seat ensures that even riders with average experience can do 200 km with this bike without having to stop. The ride quality is decent and this helps make the TRK  a safe traveler. The Benelli TRK has a 320mm dual disc installed in the front along with a single 260mm rear disc and these do a decent job of stopping this giant, although we believe the bite and feedback from the back could have been better. With its large size, the Benelli TRK  cannot move in traffic, but it is quite manageable.

2023 Benelli TRK Suspension

The frame is a classic steel tube grille, fitted with a front suspension with a 50mm inverted fork with a 135mm excursion, while at the rear is a classic swingarm anchored to a center shock absorber. The suspension is on a slightly softer side and absorbs most ripples quite easily. The TRK  has neutral handling and therefore cannot be expected to rise to the curves. The tire’s grip is sufficient and not exceptionally good, so you may need to hold your horses whenever you see a fast-approaching curve. The straight-line stability of the TRK is commendable and it feels well planted at triple-digit speeds.

2023 Benelli TRK Engine & performance

The 2023 Benelli TRK  is powered by a 500 cc, two-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine that produces a rather modest 47.5 hp along with 46 Nm of torque, combined with a six-speed transmission. The dual-parallel engine comes to life with a quick pressure from the starter motor after which it is installed on a rather pleasant and sober note. The best part here is that, like all Benelli, the TRK  is also a sweet-sounding motorcycle and anyone can confuse its escape note with the melody of an in-line four.

2023 Benelli Trk Engine

2023 Benelli Trk Engine

2023 Benelli Trk 251 Prezzo

2023 Benelli Trk 251 Prezzo

The engine is in a low to medium range, thanks to which the bike leaves the line effortlessly. It should be noted, that this is not a high-speed engine and therefore needs some sweet time to build the revs. It exceeds 3,500 rpm and the engine begins to enter its element. Around 5,000 rpm is the sweet spot of this engine and this is where the bike can be at 100km / h all day long. Just keep up the pace on these freeways and you’ll really love how the bike sings in pure symphony. Pushing this bike over 105-110 km / h is not a good idea, as the vibrations start to become evident on the handlebars and footrests.

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