2023 Benelli Tornado

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The 2023 Benelli Tornado is an Italian motorcycle manufacturer that has struggled for most of its life and is now wholly owned by Qianjiang. The design and engineering of the Benelli Tornado 2023 are done in Italy, but the manufacturing is done in China. The Benelli Tornado Bike is a sleek sporty, stylish motorcycle that offers stunning performance. The Benelli Tornado is the most fun you can have with your helmet on.

The full specification of the bike guarantees perfect driving pleasure, while the Benelli Tornado is an incredibly agile motorcycle that can bring a permanent smile under the rider’s visor. The 2023 Benelli Tornado is truly an incredibly interesting bike it’s so hard to understand why it didn’t take off to be a roaring success. The Tornado never got the sales traction properly, possibly due to the lack of support from the main dealer compared to its rivals, and failed to find the appeal that Ducati has always had in the Italian motorcycle industry and is not as powerful as some of the Japanese competition of the time. The Tornado ran before Benelli plugged in to focus on other models in its range. The handling is crisp and sharp, the acceleration is super fast and the triple just loves to spin. The style, in true Italian fashion, is spectacular and as there is nothing else on the market and everything is well finished. In terms of character, the Tornado revolves around the rings around the Japanese bicycles of the time.

2023 Benelli Tornado Suspension & Brakes

The Tornado’s concept and layout are conventional and familiar, its seat cooling fans were strikingly different. These allowed Benelli to reposition the radiator under the seat unit which in turn allowed them to give the bike very sharp steering geometry as there was now no radiator to get in the front wheel’s way. While although the aluminum twin beam chassis was pretty conventional-looking, too, it was actually glued together, rather than welded, using aircraft-spec glue to save weight. Suspension of the top-spec models was by Ohlins with quality, multi-adjustable Marzocchi units on the more basic variants.

A result is a fine-handling machine – heavier and wider, but still, reassurings planted, with an accomplished if slightly firm ride. Most of these contents are top drawer, so there’s nothing to worry about when buying used, nor is there any need for enhancement. Benelli Tornados were equipped with the best brakes at the time, along with the large 320mm high-end discs of their compatriot Benelli and four-piston calipers. They offer a lot of power, bite and feel, even by current standards, although if you want an upgrade some twisted lines and different pads should do the trick.

2023 Benelli Tornado Riding

Riding the Benelli Tornado bike for the first time, the first thing you notice is the aggressive dynamics of the bike. The pegs are high and the bars are mounted forward and down. Benelli Tornado reminded me of an old Ducati and it sounds like a key box in slow motion. I’ve already convinced myself that this would be a bit of a handful on the road. The moment you give the bike any revolution to get away, it instantly softens and the RPM becomes silky, like a totally different bike. Trading outside the city, the bike felt typically Italian. The clutch is heavy and everything looks a bit cumbersome. Going out on the highways is where the Tornado really shines. The Benelli Tornado is so lively and loves to get ahead of revolutions, tipping is effortless and the bike holds its position on the road very well. Since the Tornado ride was an exceptionally low mileage

2023 Benelli Tornado Engine

2023 Benelli Tornado Engine

2023 Benelli Tornado 300

2023 Benelli Tornado 300

2023 Benelli Tornado Engine performance

The 2023 Benelli Tornado has a 3-cylinder engine that produces a healthy 160 hp at 10,500 rpm and an equally impressive 124 Nm of torque at 8,000 rpm. This power is enough to drive the bike at a top speed of 290 km / h. The Tornado has 50mm Marzocchi inverted forks on the front and an Extreme Tech rear damping configuration. Another unique feature of the bike is the presence of exhaust fans to expel heat faster and improve the sound. The 320 mm Brembo front rotors and 240 mm rear rotors act as anchors to stop this speed machine. The gearbox is a fairly conventional, error-free six-speed transfer rate that transfers the final transmission through a chain, as well as a non-slip clutch to help smooth out awkward shifts. The exhaust is a decently light 3: 1 with plenty of spare options available. That said, as a used purchase there is also a lot to congratulate the Tornado, especially considering the used values. MotoGB is the official importer of Benelli in the UK and knows all about the Tornado.



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