2023 Benelli TNT

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The 2023 Benelli TNT With aggressive lines and an eccentric spirit, Benelli TNT 2023 is the new urban motorcycle, designed for those who love to stand out with style and elegance on the city streets riding a daring and modern motorcycle. A revolution at Benelli, since it inaugurates its Benelli TNT, offering a naked with a strong personality and contemporary design thanks to the footpegs moved forward, as required by the custom tradition, comfortable.

2023 Benelli TNT Design

The 2023 Benelli TNT has some unique design elements that make it stand out. The red-finish frame and swingarm are the highlights of this bike, pairing well with the paint scheme of this aggressive street fighter. There is a carbon fiber finish on the bike, such as on the front fender and around the engine. The patriotism of the Italians cannot be missed with the flag carefully placed in front of the muscular tank. At the rear, the unique under-seat exhaust will immediately catch your eye, flanked by brake lights on either side. A super-wide rear tire hints at what this bike is capable of. If anything, a neat tail would be a nice touch on this Benelli. The leftmost one has a display for indicator lights while in the center is the tachometer which has a digital display on the right for the odometer, trip meters, speedometer, fuel gauge, temperature gauge, and the watch.

The console is easy to read, and at startup, it makes a full turn, not just to the 12,000 RPM marked on the tach, but to the TNT written in white on the dash. The buttons are a bit fiddly to operate, and on the tachometer, there’s a service pending indicator and a low fuel warning. The switchgear is of good quality and there are also emergency lights. There is also a shift light positioned at the top right. The Benelli TNT  has a seating position that is a mix of sportiness and comfort. Both tall and short riders will find the right seat height to ride this bike. The split seats are a bit stiffer, although there is generous space for both driver and passenger. However, the latter will feel the heat from the exhaust under the seat and won’t be able to grab onto anything. The pegs are set back a bit, while the leaf-shaped mirrors are a bit small for our liking. All Benelli comes with a unique key, it looks like a small blade and it opens. The keyhole is deep behind the handlebars and requires a bit of effort to operate the key in the ignition.

2023 Benelli TNT Reliability

The brake and suspension system is flexible enough to compensate for both solo and passenger driving. Its telescopic inverted fork suspension at the front and hydraulic mono-damper at the rear dampen vibrations that affect steering well. Handling the Benelli TNT  while driving has a balanced weight distribution with or without driving. With a weight of 231 kg, it can feel difficult when stationary, but it compensates for effortless driving. During stop-and-go driving, the weight transfer is sufficiently controlled because it has a wheelbase of 1,480 mm which plays well both at high speeds and in corners. The exceptional 50mm USD front fork, finely tuned suspension geometry, and tuned flex steel lattice top frame provide precise yet stable control. In the rear part, there is a side-mounted shock absorber with an adjustable bounce and the preload controls a super rigid, reinforced swinging fork made of aluminum alloy. This suspension absorbs a wide range of rider weights and provides the excellent suspension feel that Benelli is known for.

2023 Benelli TNT Engine

The Benelli TNT  draws power from a 3-cylinder  engine that uses 4 valves per cylinder and is liquid-cooled. The DOHC unit has a huge character, it starts the bike after you squeeze the clutch and it sounds a bit rough, like a diesel engine with its rattle. That unrefined part becomes pure blasphemy as soon as you get over 4000 RPM. The engine suddenly goes super smooth and there’s so much oomph it scares you and it’s just the midrange we’re talking about yet. The Benelli TNT isn’t very powerful for a bike in its displacement class, but it sure is fast.

2023 Benelli Tnt Engine

2023 Benelli Tnt Engine

2023 Benelli Tnt 300

2023 Benelli Tnt 300

However, it’s not all about pulling out the best of the Benelli TNT on each wheel, tons of power can be used in higher gears, and the acceleration in shifting is amazing. The engine is so grunting that at times you feel like you have a lower gear, when in fact you are two higher. Only the sixth gear can be driven from 55 km / h to 240 km / h. The TNT just does it super-cultivated, and when you open the throttle at such a low speed, 150 km / h will be visible when you hold on tightly handlebars.


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