2016 Volvo V40

September 27th, 2015 · Comments Closed · Volvo

All version of 2016 Volvo V40 are come with Drive-E powertrains, to offer a class drivability and low CO2 emissions. The 2016 Volvo V40, CO2 emissions of 120 hp D2 and manual gearbox outstanding are under 82 g / km.

2016 Volvo V40 Exterior

The classic bonnet V-shaped and strengthened by a bold, expressive lines. The 2016 Volvo V40 high-gloss grille is low and wide to create a sporty feel, close-to-junior. The opening of the lower corners surrounded by bodywork sculpted, stretching from one wheel arch to the other. The corners of the sculptures not only add character, and direct departure to improve aerodynamics. Day Running Lights are set into the lower corners of the front end, sweeping up in front of a positive outlook. The “blade design” of the lights in front creates an attractive example of the light from the darkness.

The 2016 Volvo V40, wide shoulder line stretches back from the headlamp with a sharp line in response to the beltline rising. As he arrived at the end of the rear door sweeps up into a “hook” integrated, inherited the legendary P1800. The highlight goes back into a section full power to decide to get into the tail lights.

The other side of the 2016 Volvo V40 roof contributes to the vision of the car leaning forward, we are willing to take off. The car finished a place dynamically sculpted to further emphasize the wide and muscular stance, and the lowest place “blacked out” access to the athletic look, low and wide. The portfolio V40 includes two new colors (Magic Blue and Onyx Black). The Volvo V40 is available with fixed panorama glass roof from the front windscreen to the backrest rear seats.

2016 Volvo V40 Interior

Inside the 2016 Volvo V40 is designed with a strong emphasis on ergonomics, comfort and an engaging driving experience. The width of the instrument panel, and the fluidity of the design department, the building is open, “large car” feeling. The interior is designed to offer the driver and passengers open atmosphere and relax with a true taste of Scandinavia.

The V40 is available fully graphic instrument cluster shows the performance of the emotional, and to show the most important information in any situation in front of the driver. The driver can choose between three graphic themes: Elegance, Eco and Performance.

The 2016 Volvo V40, Digital Display theme and colors echoed in connected infotainment system Sensus Connect. It features a user interface refreshed with a lot of activities to offer customers new and fully connected. Cloud-based services to allow the driver to find and pay for parking in the car, find new restaurants in the area, you can stream your favorite music freely and more. The driver can have the text read aloud without taking hands off the wheel.

Installation Connected Service Booking is only the first step in making the workshop a dealer fully integrated digital eco-system. The 2016 Volvo V40 will not just tell the driver when it is time to visit the garage but also suggest an appointment at a Volvo dealership. The Bluetooth mobile phone service allows hands-free phone conversations and music streaming from a preferred Bluetooth enabled portable music player.

One of the most appreciated features associated with the Sensus gift, Volvo On Call, you allow Volvo car drivers to communicate directly with their smartphone to lock, unlock, check fuel levels, pre-heat, pre-cool, find and check the mileage on the car. For 2015 Volvo On Call will be updated, adding a completely new graphical user interface, it is better to send the vehicle capabilities, diagnostics ideas and support SmartWatch for Android Wear, Apple Watch, iPad support and voice control with Cortana for Windows Phone.

Sensus family includes the top-of-the-line Premium Sound system with amplifier 5x130W sound enhancement software for the next-generation of Dirac Live and until 10, including a woofer long-throw bass enhanced, soft dome tweeters for highs soft and the mid-range of the center and the door speakers. With the Premium Sound system by Harman Kardon driver can enjoy an immersive sound stage enhanced bass performance, and to be able to turn up the volume clearly full audio.

2016 Volvo V40 Engine

The 2016 Volvo V40, Eager-cylinder petrol engines Drive-E petrol turbo T5 has 245 hp and 350 Nm of torque. Fuel consumption in a Volvo V40 with the 8-speed automatic is 5.9 l / 100 km (137 g / km) (EU Combined). The T4 has 190 hp and a maximum torque of 300 Nm, and 152 horses T3 engine offers 250 Nm. The Volvo V40 T2 has 122 hp and 220 Nm of torque. Fuel consumption with the manual gearbox 5.4 l / 100 km (125 g / km).

The 2016 Volvo V40, (Diesel ground-breaking technology Art) D4 turbo diesel, comes with 190 hp and 400 Nm of torque. Fuel consumption in a V40 with manual gearbox down to 3.7 l / 100 km), which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 96 g / km. The engine features the world’s first i-ART technology and peer feedback to each fuel injector instead of using the traditional single pressure common rail sensor. Each injector has an intelligent chip on it that monitors the injection pressure. Using this information, the ART self-adapting convinced that the ideal amount of fuel injected during each combustion cycle.

2016 Volvo V40 Safety

The 2016 Volvo V40 features City Safety system that is active at speeds of 50 km / h. The car automatically brakes if the driver fails to the time when the vehicle in front slows down or stops, or if the vehicle is approaching the vehicle was moving too fast.

2016 Volvo V40 Cross Country

2016 Volvo V40 Cross Country

Driver Alert Control is designed to detect and warn tired drivers. The system can also cover other situations where the driver is distracted. Sensors register the movement of the vehicle. The control unit stores the information and calculates whether the driver risks losing control of the 2016 Volvo V40.