2016 Smart ForTwo

September 22nd, 2015 · Comments Closed · Smart

The 2016 Smart ForTwo offers easy parking – and this time, perhaps better fuel economy and management. 2016 Smart ForTwo is the first comprehensive review iconic two-seat minicar went on sale in Europe for nearly two decades. New model is longer than before, it is still only 8.8 feet, but is about four-inches wide, which gives you a feeling of compact car if you do not look over his shoulder. The 2016 Smart ForTwo still has a snub nose, a lively style, and the interior is defined by the color contrast tridion safety cage. The wheels are pushed out to the corners of the car. But its described in the hood front end now, with beveled hood less than before, in order to provide better protection of pedestrians.

2016 Smart Fortwo Car

2016 Smart Fortwo Car

The design features include prominent shoulder line, frameless windows, and the split tailgate which opens in less time flips down to provide temporary surface. New lights use LED bulbs in daytime running lights to give a modern twist. The “grid” in the middle of the lights actually blind panels with holes drilled matte finish.

2016 Smart ForTwo Interior

The interior is still fairly simple, but disguised by different trim colors and a variety of rounded shapes. Two hot eyeball sit on the board, and a small tool cluster contains an estimate of normal driving. A display screen feel a little proud of the center console and in general, the interior has a more substantial feel. This new base 2016 Smart remains the same: It is still powered by a three-cylinder engine mounted on its side in the middle of the rear wheels in a cargo bay. For 2016, the version of Smart Electric Drive, powered by an electric motor and battery, continue to use the old design.

2016 Smart ForTwo Engine

2016 intelligent powered by a 89-horse turbocharged three-cylinder 0.9 liters. It produces 100 pound-feet of torque, but now there is a choice of transmissions. A standard manual gearbox five-speed and six-speed dual-clutch transmission provides automated changing those. In combination with fuel economy EPA for both versions of 36 miles per gallon, and the company says that the acceleration from 0 to 60 miles per hour is 10.1 seconds to manual and 10.5 seconds for the DCT.

Particularly proud of the circle became intelligent, which is a surprisingly small 22.8 feet curb to curb (or 24 feet between two walls). That makes it easier to manage than ever, and the perfect urban warrior. But the new Smart is also near the road than himself, and has a quieter and smoother and younger ride in all conditions. Noise suppressed such a small car, and the redevelopment of the interior to make smart driving the most exciting new car or riding.

2016 Smart ForTwo Safety

2016 Smart ForTwo safety standard include eight airbags and Crosswind Assist function keeps the car directly to the side winds and standard feature. Forward collision warning is available as an option. It not yet qualified for crash safety by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IHS).

2016 Smart ForTwo Price

The 2016 Smart ForTwo will available in dealerships in the United States from September 2015. The price is $16,000 including delivery, and Smart says many featured model to choose high-end runs between $20,000 and $21,000. Cabrio model with a roof fabric will be offered back to the 2017 model year, as well as 2016 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive version.