2020 Skoda Octavia

December 24th, 2019 · Comments Closed · Skoda

The 2020 Skoda Octavia story started long ago, nameplate celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2019, and this new version is technically the fifth-generation model in general, and the fourth to appear under the leadership of the VW Group. More than 6.5 million have hit the road since 1959, and this new version is the first Octavia to be offered with plug-in and mild-hybrid drives. The new Octavia has tested several times inside and is now ready for its public debut.

The 2020 Octavia model is expected to be based on an updated version of the MQB platform such as the new Volkswagen Golf. It is likely to go on sale in Europe early in 2020, with the launch of India expected in the second half of 2020.

2020 Skoda Octavia Design

On the front, you get Skoda’s famous grille design, although in this iteration it is larger and upright than in the old car. It is now also characterized by optional matrix LED headlights, which have individual LEDs controlled separately by a camera mounted on the windshield. It can detect other cars and turn off the corresponding LEDs separately, so you don’t dazzle other drivers while the road is completely illuminated. Around the edges, the Octavia gets a sharp fold in its flanks, while you can see on the back signs of the car’s crystal-style LED lights, which you’ll see quite well when the car is fully unveiled next month.

2020 Skoda Octavia Interior

Although the changes on the outside of the Octavia are a relatively subtle evolution of what has come before, the updates are far more radical, but you’ll have to wait for the November reveal to see it. For a kick-off, you can now have the Octavia with a few 10-inch screens, and you can specify ahead screen that projects important information onto the windshield, right in your line of sight.

2020 Skoda Octavia RS

2020 Skoda Octavia RS

Most controls of the car are now handled by the ten-inch central touchscreen – including the car’s ventilation system – and it now provides streaming services for TV and radio. Smartlink + also means that you can connect your smartphone to the car’s infotainment using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto via Bluetooth rather than using a cable. That said, you can specify up to five USBC connections if you need them. Other options include a raised Canton stereo and a 230V jack.

2020 Skoda Octavia Engine

Octavia has a choice of 110hp 1.0-liter three-cylinder and 150hp-1.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engines. Both can be used with light hybrid technology, in combination with an automatic seven-speed gearbox, which allows the car to kiss longer and use the stop-start earlier to save fuel. The final petrol engine is the top-of-the-range 190 hp four-cylinder, which comes standard with four-wheel drive and an automatic seven-speed gearbox. To get more power, choose from one of the two plug-in hybrids that use a combination of a 1.4-liter petrol engine and a large electric motor to produce 204 or 245 hp. Both come with an automatic six-speed transmission as standard and will be very inexpensive to drive if you have a short commute and space to charge the car.

2020 Skoda Octavia Safety

The new Skoda Octavia is available with a safety kit that has never been offered on a Skoda, such as Collision-Avoidance Assist. In the event of an imminent collision with a pedestrian, cyclist or another car, it can take immediate control and send you around the collision. Meanwhile, Skoda’s exit warning system can warn you not to open your door on the path of a cyclist.