2019 Seat Leon

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The 2019 Seat Leon is Spain’s attempt to play golf outside. The seat has been at one point of the role for 2019 Seat Leon he past few years. Certainly, it was the current Seat Leon that kicked off the revival of the brand in 2012, and since then the arrival of a new Ibiza, followed by brand new models such as the Ateca and Tarraco SUVs, has kept it going. to power. There’s even a new brand, 2019 Leon Cupra, which includes all the more sporty models.

The seat has worked hard to set up the Leon cabin towards golf quality, and for the most part, the results have been successful. Nasty, hard touch of plastic is eliminated from the dashboard, the seats and stitching are smart, and if you opt for a high-spec version, the motion-sensitive satnavs will fold your gliding finger and compulsorily display many buttons. But even the most loaded 2019 Leon still have a large empty space on the center stack in front of the gear: Seat says he wanted to minimize unnecessary buttons, but that made Leon feel a bit speculated, even when loaded with the set.

2019 Seat Leon Interior

The SEAT Leon has a fairly comfortable ride and a well set up interior, both of which help to increase its appeal. To put his family hatchback among the best in his class, SEAT made all the stops when introducing the latest Leon. Inside, the dashboard is better quality than in the old model, with a sense of quality almost to match the Volkswagen Golf and a more classic feel than many rivals. There are also many cubes and pockets to carry ordinary life, as well as an air-conditioned glove.

2019 Seat Leon Interior

2019 Seat Leon Interior

Thin window pillars improve visibility on the front and side, but the rearview is slightly hampered by a small rear screen, surrounded by sturdy side pillars. Along the way, the Leon is quiet thanks to extra sound insulation. It effectively counters the noise of the road or wind as it drives past the mirrors, and the Leon is almost as quiet as a game of golf, even at highway speeds.

2019 Seat Leon Diesel Engines

The diesel engine range starts with the 1.6-liter on fuel economy. It has the fastest, most popular acceleration in the range, but you can’t argue with the fuel consumption figure of 57.6 million. There is also a 2.0-liter turbo diesel with 148 hp. Most drivers find it more than quick enough – it effortlessly gathers speed and short work to catch up with traffic. It makes trips relaxing, especially on highways, but it is also willing to work harder if you are in the mood for a long haul. Despite the credit rating of the performance figures, the diesel can also deliver an average of 57.6mpg.

2019 Seat Leon Gasoline Engines

There are three petrol engines: a 1.0-liter with 113 hp and a 1.5-liter with either 128 or 148 hp. We think the 1.5-liter 1.5 hp is the best Leon engine for everyday family cars. It has enough up-and-down to easily handle the cut of city traffic and it will still get an average of nearly 50mg. The 1.0-liter engine uses turbocharging to deliver 113 hp, and despite its small size is a fiery performer, taking 9.8 seconds to power the Leon from 0-62 km / h. The 2019 SEAT Cupra model, which we examined separately, uses a 286hp 2.06-liter engine to reduce 0-62 mph time to six seconds.

2019 Seat Leon Price

The 2019 Seat Leon for 2019 costs about the same as the current model, starting at £ 18,000, it’s about the same as a VW Golf, though you can expect the Leon to come with more standard equipment.