2015 Pagani Zonda R

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The 2015 Pagani Zonda R is version of Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR race sourced 6.0-liter V12 M120’de engine, participated for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show 2007. Took part in the competition for the 2015 Pagani Zonda R, Ferrari FXX and Maserati MC12 instead of the original Zonda way through the competition as it is not a road-homologue track car based on lies.

Despite zone in the form of exchange, 2015 Pagani Zonda R components, only 10% of the exchange, is almost entirely new. This obliquely, Zonda replacement of some of the components of this car for a test walk part of the world that has been proposed by Horacio Pagani, Pagani (Ferrari 288 GTO Evoluzione and the same language as consistent F40) Huayi and reflects the Zonda R, some of Huayi features. Only 15 Zonda R was produced.

2015 Pagani Zonda R Chassis

The 2015 Pagani Zonda R central carbon walking into a cage and GT race cars like 4 fuel pumps and fuel filler cap with a rubber racing fuel cell contains. stability wheelbase 47 mm (1.9) has been increased. front and rear subframes, new, new, built in geometry, and in Avion. slick-shod wheels, together with the on-board air airjacks the entire wheel assembly to change the new forged-magnesium center-lock models. each time a wheel at the amount of low-power machine detects, displays and logs information. This system set-up conditions to monitor and improve their cornering technique that allows you to adjust according to the owners.

2015 Pagani Zonda R Bonnet

The 2015 Pagani Zonda R, An increase in the wheelbase (47 mm), along with a total length of 50 mm (2.0) by 394 mm (15.5) and the track. bodywork and aerodynamic flaps with long front hood, covered dish and adjustable rear wing and the people of the rear diffuser with the new Advanced featuring altered to offer a maximum down-force. The maximum cornering speed has increased aerodynamic efficiency and is designed to convert the down-force. This, as well as the car’s new rear bodywork, extreme noted that formed the basis of the minimum ventilation. This is enough to keep the engine cool even under difficult to trace the needy symptomatic. Nevertheless, this is like a Ferrari FXX Evoluzione gutted body.

8500 rpm and 710 N · m (524 lb · ft) torque; The output of 750 PS (740 hp 552 kW). A lightweight carbon-fiber, high-performance system, Inconel 625, and for optimal heat dissipation coated ceramic hydroformed in the center of a disk clutch and Formula One-style system, racing, was added. AMG-built engine installed in the range of 6-speed manual is considered to be the next synchronous transmission.

2015 Pagani Zonda R Interior

The 2015 Pagani Zonda R inside the car tracks, reflecting the aspirations and goals, Spartan, and to offer maximum support for the driver seats. Still, Digitek instrumentation provides important information and sophisticated telemetry allows you to monitor the sensors are different in many aspects of the 2015 Pagani Zonda R.

2015 Pagani Zonda R

2015 Pagani Zonda R