2019 Isuzu MUX

July 17th, 2019 · Comments Closed · Isuzu

The 2019 Isuzu MUX 7-seat off-road, is perfect, due to its diesel engine only 3.0L of Isuzu turbo, and intuitive 6 transmission transmission, MU-X has what it takes to get the whole city or around Australia. In 2019 Isuzu MU-X had a mild-makeover, divided by the highest distance of the distance, and the new wheels of the highest model. Isuzu has ended up dealing with the major MU-X direction.

Engineering changes make light travel easier and easier to navigate through hard and open streets. Visible to its absence: Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, although built-in is found in high-quality models. MU-X still has a high tech tech as an urgent emergency, unlike Isuzu’s additional add-ons.

2019 Isuzu MUX Design

Whether you are driving the city streets, or you are getting a new dirt track, the MU-X is designed to listen and always be impressed with its good appearance and current style. In order to fill out a modern outlet, the MU-X seat 7 includes a good touch-on style. Normal for all models, driving LED light lights and Bi-LED start-up times, with automated measurement performance, helps you appear on the day and day of the road. Inside the MU-X outer sleek has an open and well thought out area. It is designed for driver development and passenger comfort, both on the road and closed. A-pillar helps ribbons make it easier to access traffic and twice as a commitment to hold when the earth gets desert.

2019 Isuzu MUX Engine

Walking, travel or city travel, the MU-X can take everything. The Isuzu 3.0L engine engine engine provides a 430Nm larger torque associated with 6-speed text or automatic 6-speed navigation. Using the most advanced Isuzu diesel technology, this measures the effectiveness of efficiency. The result of an outstanding performance in dealing with any hill, you get on a free channel and snap your interests without regular visits to the water station.

2019 Isuzu MUX SUV

2019 Isuzu MUX SUV

In the heart of all the MU-X is the 3.0L is the only known engine, only on Isuzu. One of the most popular engineers in Isuzu, now makes your Isuzu SUV. 20-30% diesel works more efficiently than petrol engines. The MU-X is very powerful because our engineers have decades of commercial transport, where a liter is calculated.

2019 Isuzu MUX Safety

In order to give you complete peace of mind, the MU-X has been added to the latest security and security companies, and the model is consistent with the safety of the ANCAP with 5 stars. MU-X is full of safety features that protect you and your passengers by helping to avoid accidents. The MU-X gives you the back of your head and the changing camera. 2019 Isuzu MUX system is suitable for spam parking conditions, hitting a trailer or changing without a driveway.