2018 Ford Mustang

March 27th, 2018 · Comments Closed · Ford

2018 Ford Mustang comes with revisions and updates to the styling, interior, and power lines together with new high-tech options. A further emphasis on personalization enables drivers to set suspension, steering, exhaust noise and other memory settings. A package of advanced security features is offered, including pedestrian tracking advance warning, lane departure alert, and lane assistance. 2018 Ford Mustang competes with the Audi S55, the Audi TT and Mercedes SLK for the price it’s launched and we are the strongest of them all, if not the most beautiful. The Ford Mustang is probably one of the most popular cars in history. The pony car adapted him over time to overcome his bow competitor, the Chevrolet Camaro. Despite its demand in the right-row markets, Ford did not build an RHD car to this one.

The sixth generation Ford Mustang has a long hood with a large bump on top, vertically stacked LED lights and projector headlights. The signature Mustang mesh grille has now been enlarged in an attempt to improve cooling, but generally, the car retains a familiar shape that defines the series.

2018 Ford Mustang Features

Ford changed the 2018 Mustang’s cabin completely, giving the appearance of a truly modern product. The overall layout is more stylish and easier to find. A long strip of metal stretches across the width of the stripe. Other dash material includes leather, complete with contrast stitching, and soft-touch plastic.

2018 Ford Mustang Convertible

2018 Ford Mustang Convertible

2018 Ford Mustang is also obtained in most luxury cars, such as radial-guided cruise control, blind bullet warning and a sensor key. The middle stack on the car is equipped with the optional MyFord Touch system of the Blue Oval. Ford fitted the new model with a set of secondary analog controls for HVAC and audio. The steering wheel is slightly smaller in diameter but has a wide range of buttons that control everything from the audio system and Bluetooth to the TrackApps and instrument cluster.

The Mustang seems to have a more compact shape thanks to the lower and sharper hardened roof line. There seems to be bigger wheels and mirror mounted indicators. The Mustang continues with the three-star taillamp design, but now the rear bumper looks much more aerodynamic and tends to expand due to the double exhaust gases on both sides. What’s new is that the rear overhang is reduced and consequently it means that the car will have a lower drag coefficient.

2018 Ford Mustang Engine

The V6 is retracted, with the turbocharged, 2.3-liter four-cylinder and 5.0-liter V8, each with a new 10-speed automatic gearbox. The V8 engine has been restored to create more power and help fuel economy. The rear suspension design has been revised, and the Mustang is available with active damping to adjust the shock absorber performance dynamically for 2018 Ford Mustang model.