2020 Ferrari Portofino

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The 2-door, four-seater 2020 Ferrari Portofino convertible enables drivers to enjoy the sun and have fun on the horizon. Ferrari Portofino looks seductive, regardless of whether the retractable hardtop is up or down, this four-engine front-engine exemplifies the beautiful ethos. The 2020 Portofino is also the cheapest way to get into the Ferrari club, but admission still costs a small fortune. Whether the twin-turbo V-8 shakes it around or emits operatic noises, this Italian speedster is a joy to hear and hear. The cabin is luxuriously manufactured and adaptable, but a small rear seat and trunk reduce its practicality. Still, the Portofino 2020 honors the home of the Prancing Horse.

2020 Ferrari Portofino Interior

Inside, the 2020 Portofino enjoys the eyes with fantastic design and beautiful materials. The diverse surfaces are fastened with beautiful leather, and the 18-way adjustable front seats are formed to provide comfort and support. There is also a handy wind deflector that helps keep the cabin quiet when the top is dropped. With a few small bucket seats behind the front passengers, the convertible Ferrari can technically carry up to four people. However, we do not recommend that anyone spend time there. A handy tray has been placed at the front of the center console to store small items, and there is even a place to store a drink nearby. Don’t expect to put a golf bag or too much carry in the Portofino trunk, because it’s not very big.

The infotainment system on a Ferrari is like an emergency tire on a Buick: it’s nice to have when you need it, but not something anyone will ask for. However, the Portofino 2020 includes a 10.2-inch touchscreen mounted in the center of the dashboard. We’ve found the unit responsive during our limited exposure, and with the optional touch screen looking at the front passenger, they can see performance data and even manage the car’s navigation system.

2020 Ferrari Portofino engine

A Ferrari is defined just as much as its styling by its engine, and the twin-turbo 3.9-liter V-8 hiding under the oblong hood of the Portofino is excellent. The engine sends 591 horsepower and a 561-pound torque to the rear wheels through an automatic seven-speed dual-clutch. The alleged top speed of ‘over 199 km / h’ and the estimated time of zero to 60 km / h in the low range of three seconds are not the most impressive, it’s the unmistakable timbre that comes out of the outlet as the Portofino’s needle in the direction of the engine at 7500 rpm.

2020 Ferrari Portofino Coupe

2020 Ferrari Portofino Coupe

Although sending electricity with the help of electricity provides satisfactory feedback, the setup is not as engaging as Porsche offers. Every 2020, Portofino also has carbon-ceramic brakes that ensure this sturdy GT can be brought to a standstill quickly. However, we had to get used to the initial softness of the brake pedal before we received the expected firmness.

Ferrari 2020 Portofino Convertible

Ferrari 2020 Portofino Convertible

Ferrari Portofino 2020 Interior

Ferrari Portofino 2020 Interior

Despite its very powerful two-turbocharged V-8, the government predicts that the Portofino will be about as fuel-efficient by 2020 as many full-size SUVs. According to the EPA, Ferrari will earn 16 hp in the city and 22 hp on the highway. Both figures are too short for competitors with the V-8 powered cars, such as the Bentley Continental GT (16/26 mpg city/highway) and the Aston Martin DB11 (18/24 mpg city/highway). Since we haven’t tested the Portofino or any of the alternatives on our 200-kilometer fuel economy route, we can’t say how effective it is in the real world.

2020 Ferrari Portofino safety

The Portofino for 2020 has not been crashed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Highway Safety Insurance Institute (IIHS). The ragged Italian 2020 Ferrari Portofino convertible also avoids traditional driver assistance technology to prioritize the purest driving experience.

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