2015 BMW 6 Series

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The 2015 BMW 6 Series offers a dynamic driving. The 2015 BMW 6 Series is bigger, more luxurious and more high-tech than ever, and that is also in the types of additional bodies than ever before. 2015 BMW 6 Series Coupe, 2015 BMW 6 Series Convertible, and the 2015 BMW 6 Series four-door Gran Coupe 6-Series Toolkit everything becomes available. Moreover, the range of 2015 BMW M6 has all the best of the 6 Series and climb performance.

The 2015 BMW 6 Series style is stocks throughout their range range, suggestive lines and finely rendered define the front, and in Coupe and Gran Coupe, arched roofs expect from a luxury sports car. A sculpted hood stylized muscle tense, sides, and carefully hidden at the end of the construction of the common list, telegraph Continuing potential yield of 6-Series’. The M6 ​​adds the highest quality of emergency. design, burning and boasting of its giant energy.

2015 BMW 6 Series Interior

2015 BMW 6 Series is almost a complete line of vehicles in its own right, consisting of a series of coupes, convertibles and coupes Gran Coupe four-door Coupe and M Division and high performance Gran Coupe models. The Luxury 2015 BMW 6 Series exudes confidence and all species, and hung verses, athletic shoulders with elegant curves and profiles. In the nose, a pair of tight folds converge at the single hood BMW kidney grille flanked by lights aggressive air inlets and wide; the back shows the differences resolved lines and elegant simple details.

Within the 2015 BMW 6 Series is the same throughout the range, with a formal crudeness and palette rich and well equipped appearance is muted. Command and control facilities dominate and control projects, staying low profile, despite the technology. Trim packages can add warmth and light to the interior, almost the equivalent of 7 for plushness-Series sedans.

2015 BMW 6 Series Engine

Two models form the core of the whole range of M Division Series 6 engines: the 640i and 650i. Standard rear-wheel drive and xDrive four-wheel drive is available. An eight-speed automatic transmission and standard equipment, although the six-speed manual transmission and can be found on the back of the unit 650i models.

The 2015 BMW 6 Series 640i uses a turbocharged six-cylinder rated at 315 horsepower 3.0 liter engine; the 650i gets a 4.4-liter V-8 turbo engine rated 400 horsepower twin. Both engines are powerful players and determined with sufficient torque to move at any speed. The V-8, however, looks a bit better suited to comfortable pace Series 6 ‘, which provides an easy and smooth.

Hosting for non-M 2015 BMW 6 Series range effort in a safe and smooth steering, and easy to navigate and arrangement and triple-digit speeds. Steering feel is not, however, a sharp knife, and the idea of ​​the director general of the suspension of one of the objectives for the convenience of being able to drive, rather than days or difficult to track Canyon runs.

2015 BMW 6 Series Safety

The 2015 BMW 6 Series range offers a lot of security features will not intervene and prevent or mitigate any damage before and during the accident. Core equipment includes traction control, advanced dynamic stability control; cornering brake control; dynamic brake control; start-off assistance; automatic brake drying; and antilock brakes.

Optional extras like a Head-Up Display (HUD); adaptation LED lights; cameras offering, rear side and top views; Active Steering; cameras and night vision and see pedestrians are available. Despite this complement of safety equipment and the reputation of the engineering and design of BMW, who was not family cars 6 series-proven accident or National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

2015 BMW 6 Series Sedan

2015 BMW 6 Series Sedan

2015 BMW 6 Series Price

The 2015 BMW 6 Series base invoice price is $70,510 and 2015 BMW 6 Series base MSRP is $76,100.