2016 Alfa Romeo Spider

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2016 Alfa Romeo Alfa Romeo Spider has made its official debut at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show and quickly found himself on top of our wish list. Based on 2014 Alfa Romeo, Alfa Romeo Spider gets a host of upgrades is moving closer to its North American arrival of the year 2016. The most obvious change the car from its removable rear decklid rises up and bodywork accessories. A naked carbon-fiber roll bar hoops in the passenger compartment, such as a windshield brace. the lack of a slope next to the rear window, the car retains its coupe counterpart a similar profile.

There are changes in the body, however. Alfa to add support for structural rigidity of the car’s carbon-fiber tub in order to adhere to. 132 pounds for the new material but the Italians say the extra weight of the car performance. New, bug-eyed headlights to replace the more traditional ones from the 2016 Alfa Romeo Spider, the new center-mounted exhaust pipes at the rear, while a sporty look. Power same 1.75-liter, turbocharged, inline-four making 240 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque to match. The only option to change the gearbox, the Alfa’s TCT twin dry-clutch, six-speed automatic with paddle shifters.

2016 Alfa Romeo Spider Interior

More carbon-fiber tub with less material and leather upholstery covers up the new Spider that separated from the Coupe is on display. Alternatively, Alfa Romeo Spider will be the same flat-bottomed steering wheel, driver-oriented center stack, and instrument cluster has a beautiful TFT screen. A proper mechanical handbrake turns still possible to brake in the middle: the arm is employed.

2016 Alfa Romeo Spider, Two composite-framed sports seats borrowed from the Coupe to provide greater lateral support, completely wrapped, the premium-leather interior is standard, while the accent stitching. Alpine premium sound system, however, the new Alfa Romeo Spider and the hands-free Bluetooth phone connectivity and audio streaming, a USB port, an iPod interface, and a CD / MP3 is capable of.

Customers can choose between five interior color combinations, Red accent stitching, red leather with red accent stitching, 2016 Alfa Romeo Spider accent stitching leather Black, Racing Microfiber black leather inserts and red or yellow accent stitching leather wrapped seats, including Black. Tobacco black leather accents A sixth option will be added later in the model year. More features Track Package, which is a flat-bottom steering performance microfiber inserts, carbon fiber, and carbon-fiber exterior mirrors adds to the wheel to come through as the gauge cluster.

2016 Alfa Romeo Spider Exterior

Alfa Romeo Coupe is still a lot today. The front fascia, lower grilles, and his return to the center of the V-grille deep-creased the bell. still downward sloping beltline rear doors and rear spoiler in the air just to the third brake light and a symbol of Alfa Romeo sports estuaries behind. The Ferrari remains -rescue taillights. However, new updates for 2016 Alfa Romeo Spider (finally) conventional headlights, the wheel of the new opportunities, new carbon tips titanium exhaust system, and, of course, the rear decklid and the roof of the new design incorporates a removable roof section.

windshield brace carbon fiber construction for added structural support and crashworthiness. From a carbon-fiber B-pillar and protrudes from the body painted with a tiny rear window houses. Together, the soft removable windshield and hold the B-pillar.

2016 Alfa Romeo Spider Engine

Alfa Romeo Spider Alfa Romeo coupe’s 1.75-liter, turbocharged inline-four-cylinder engine borrows. Direct injection, dual continuous variable valve timing, and a turbo “scavenging control system” that eliminates turbo lag to all work together to produce 240 horsepower 6,000 rpm and 258 pound-feet of torque at 2,100 rpm to 4,000. aluminum engine block helps reduce the weight of 49 pounds.

transmission, the Alfa TCT twin dry clutch automatic with paddle shifters is also shared with the coupe. thus providing automatic and sequential transmission modes, you can choose your own paddle, or let the car do the work. Shifts come very quickly as it is one of the fastest manual mode transmission segment. fluency, word, Alfa Romeo Spider to charge from 0 to 60 mph in only 4.1 seconds with its top speed of 160 mph on the way, as soon as the Alfa Romeo as a coupe and as there are any faster than the Boxster January 2015.

The drivetrain will be a nice upgrade Akrapovic exhaust system with a dual-built. titanium construction, the flow of the exhaust system of an electronically operated valve and the noise coming out of the carbon-tipped pipes changes. The system works much like the Corvette’s active exhaust system.

2016 Alfa Romeo Spider also gets an upgrade of its computer software. Alfa’s ‘DNA’ latest generation of software that allows the driver to put the car in different conditions. Three modes – Dynamic, Natural, and All-Weather – working together at the proper computer by providing inputs. “Race,” the fourth mode, that allows the car to the driver on the track without a computer or limiting over-correcting. Alfa Romeo Spider can be improved further through a Track Package. The bundle, larger front, and rear sway bar special shock absorbers, larger forged aluminum alloys and Pirelli P-Zero “AR Racing” tires.

2016 Alfa Romeo Spider Model

2016 Alfa Romeo Spider Model

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