Acura TSX 2005

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Acura TSX 2005 sedan is the anchor for the affordable end of the range of products and replaces the successful party line.The four-door Integra Acura Integra is based on the Civic. The TSX on the European version of the Honda Accord, slightly smaller is slightly larger than the previous Integra But that does not mean he lacks sense of humor Integra . The TSX extends cutting way back on Sunday with the precision of a neurosurgeon dissect a carefree turkey. TSX 2.4 liter four is a little more power . Still, 200 hp coupled to a typical strength Acura smooth six speed manual transmission returns 0-60 mph times range from minimum seven seconds, which is not long. Add the other virtues, and you have a value ratio is the best in clase.Los 2005 Acura TSX is a great versatile that is fun to drive. While fans of Honda and Acura have come to expect, the handling is excellent in the Acura TSX, and there is little evidence of torque steer. The fantastic six-speed begs to be used at every opportunity, even if the engine power 200 provides sufficient torque to make a change in an option rather than a necessity cheap. In addition, good gas mileage and California LEV-2 emissions are just the icing on the cake.Moving Inside, the front seats are comfortable and supportive, but the rear seat lacks a bit of space, not cabin storage space.

Acura TSX 2005

The DVD navigation system is an absolute delight, all equipment and air conditioning as his take full advantage of the touch interface that 2005 Acura TSX seems bland, mainly because of the headlights and taillights too thin. Although the lights were an attempt to make the car look wider than in reality does not provide sufficient visual anchor point. The interior of the TSX offers electric heated front seats are comfortable with plenty of legroom and good lateral support. Like most leather seats, however, they are slippery, especially in moderate to heavy braking. As with most compact sedans, the rear seats are short in height and legs. Trunk space but the narrow car. Fortunately, 60/40 folding rear seats allow a little more space if needed. DVD / navigation system is mounted on top of the trunk and hangs low enough that their sharp edges can easily tear the soft luggage or bad sockets scratch disk, so be careful when loading cargo.We not also control the roof opening located at the bottom left of the steering wheel, appreciate the ability the stereo, cruise control and voice recognition system from the steering wheel. Other electronic goodies Acura TSX are HomeLink transceiver control up to three devices at a distance as a door opener garage, mirror and heated outside mirrors.

Acura TSX 2005 Black

There is also a remote entry system, including lowering.The navigation system with voice command window is excellent and offers a touch screen interface for the climate control and stereo. The 8 inch screen is large and easy to see, but we had a little trouble when the sun was behind us. We enter destinations to be easy and fast. When we stray from our path, the team immediately offered new directions. After a few minutes to become familiar with the system, we found it very intuitive; However, it took a while to get used to the voice command, as we had to memorize a number of specific commands to properly operate the system. While we commend the TSX speakers, and voice recognition software, Acura felt really dropped the ball by not adding support for Bluetooth phone to complete the system.2005 Acura TSX is equipped with a CD changer, six discs and AM / FM / XM. The six disc changer does not support MP3 CDs, but MP3 option / WMA / CD-A player is available for  sound system 350 watt eight speaker is powerful enough for most needs, but seems distorted bass even at low volume.

Acura TSX 2005 Interior

The lack of a mute button or a CD break is also a major drawback. Also, we do not like the conflict between stereo and navigation audio can we still hear the navigation instructions on the fly mú 2005 Acura TSX for controlling the throttle cable connects the driver to the 200 hp, 2.4-liter DOHC 16-valve i-VTEC engine that pulls well from about 3000 rpm. With the manual gearbox, 0 to 60 mph takes just over 7 seconds. We did not detect any effect of this couple in front wheel drive, variable torque sensing the steering, which we found to be almost perfect at all speeds. If that is not enough, the mileage is estimated at 21mpg in the city and 30 mpg on the highway; got 25.4mpg in the real world tests.The 2005 Acura TSX is great to drive with excellent handling and short-range, six-speed manual transmission close relationship, which is light, smooth and precise. Even when the car was parked, found fun to just go through the gears and see the good work. Acura TSX 2005 ride quality is also excellent, that we found that the Acura TSX is a front-drive car exception of the front wheels stopped chirping .

Acura TSX 2005  Stanced

Acura TSX 2005 Stanced

Acura TSX 2005 Price

Acura TSX 2005 Price

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