2021 Ferrari Roma

January 18th, 2021 · Comments Closed · Cars » Ferrari

The 2021 Ferrari Roma is a grand touring Italian sports car created by automobile manufacturer Ferrari. The 2021 Ferrari Roma is the most recent offering by the brand to the world. The Ferrari 2021 Roma is an emphatic celebration of the Italian gran Turismo, a genre that in the 1950s and 1960s resulted in some of the most beautiful and desirable cars ever built in Maranello. But the Ferrari Roma is not a carefully crafted homage to the past, a contrived pastiche of retro-whimsy wrapped around 21st-century hardware.

The Roma inherits its dual-screen human-machine interface which, in this instance, means a digital instrument screen and a portrait-oriented infotainment screen, from the Ferrari SF90 Stradale. The 16 inches instrument screen is controlled via a haptic thumbpad on one of the spokes of the new steering wheel. The new wheel hub design consolidates and simplifies some secondary controls and moves others from the front of the wheel to the back so that it looks less cluttered.

Ferrari Roma Interior

Roma’s interior mixes upscale materials with a unique layout. Each front-seat passenger is cocooned by a sweeping dashboard that flows into the doors and floating center console. The driver faces a giant 16-inch fully digital gauge cluster that responds to haptic controls on Roma’s button-heavy, flat-bottom steering wheel. A pair of rear seats make it a 2+2 coupe, and the space is actually suitable for adults in short spurts as long the front seats are properly adjusted. Unlike most other Ferrari models, the Roma has a large center section, just don’t expect its interior cubby storage to be plentiful.

2021 Ferrari Roma Convertible

2021 Ferrari Roma Convertible

Despite wearing the iconic Prancing Horse logo, the 2021 Roma is more of a grand tourer than a focused track star. As a result, it treats passengers with more infotainment and connectivity features than some other Ferrari models. This includes a vertically mounted 8.4-inch touchscreen as well as a separate screen for the front passenger.

2021 Ferrari Roma Engine

Stuffed under Roma’s lengthy hood and mounted near the middle of the car is a turbocharged 3.9-liter V-8 that makes 612 horsepower and 561 lb-ft of torque. It pairs with an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission (a.k.a. DCT) that debuted on the even more exotic Ferrari SF90 Stradale. Its high-revving V-8 produces glorious sounds, and the DCT quickly adapts to requests for snappy gear changes. With a powerful engine and sporty pretensions, the Roma isn’t fooling anyone that it’s going to be especially fuel-efficient. The new eight-speed dual-clutch transmission is more compact and 13.2 pounds lighter than the seven-speed unit in Portofino. The clutch module is 20 percent smaller but can handle 35 percent more torque. The ratios are different from those used in the SF90 version, and it has a reverse gear. A more powerful electronic control unit means significantly quicker shift times.

2021 Ferrari Roma Safety

The NHTSA stands for National Highway Traffic Safety Authority. This is a government organization that examines vehicles’ behavior in crucial situations like front, side, and rollover collisions. It adopts a 5-star rating system to describe the performance of automobiles in these tests, with 5 stars being the maximum safety rating. Unfortunately, the NHTSA has not tested the Ferrari Roma. The 2021 Ferrari Roma comes with a modicum of active safety features, including adaptive cruise control and a lane-departure warning system.