2021 Audi RS3

November 16th, 2020 · Comments Closed · Audi » Cars

The 2021 Audi RS3 is a compact sports sedan that looks aggressive enough to indicate that it is more than a regular four-door. The 2021 Audi RS3 has an inline-five engine that delivers tremendous performance. The compact sports sedan is not an ordinary four-door, but an aggressive 414-hp four-wheel-drive four-door with a sweet and unique exhaust note. The 2021 RS3 hot-hatch and saloon will be announced early next year to compete like Mercedes-AMG A45 S and BMW M2. Here’s everything you need to know about it.

The new Audi RS3’s design is based on the newly introduced Audi A3 and Audi S3, but you can see some significant differences in this upcoming high-performance model. Wide front and rear wheel arches, a sporty body, plus two huge oval exhaust pipes protruding from the rear bumper show that this is not your custom A3.

2021 Audi RS3 Design

The Audi A3 2020 on which the RS3 will be based was only recently launched, but Audi is already working on the much more powerful version. At first glance, the design looks quite subtle, but through the camouflage, we see slightly swollen wheel arches and a more prominent roof spoiler for the hatchback. There are also other signs that it is the RS3 – the aerodynamic rear bumper has two large oval exhaust pipes, the grille has a different mesh design and the body is more aggressive than you would expect from the standard car. The front air intakes, alloy wheels, and brakes will be much larger than those fitted to the A3.

2021 Audi RS3 Interior

The Audi RS3’s interior has the same layout as the standard Audi A3, though you can expect premium options like Alcantara suede upholstery with contrasting stitching and embossed RS logos on a set of more supportive sports seats. A steering wheel with a flat bottom from RS will come standard and you get a 10.1-inch touch screen with Audi’s latest built-in infotainment system.

2021 Audi RS3 Sportback USA

2021 Audi RS3 Sportback USA

Inside, almost everything has changed from the previous A3. There is a 10.1-inch touch screen in the dashboard mounted diagonally to the driver, Audi’s Virtual Cockpit is fitted as standard and most parts have been redesigned from the old A3. The interior of the RS3 will be marked off from the standard A3 with Alcantara suede upholstery, red contrasting stitching, specific RS graphics for the two screens, and aluminum pedals. As for optional extras, we expect the brochure to include a sports outlet and an adjustable suspension.

2021 Audi RS3 Engine

The 2021 Audi RS3 possibly sticks to the 2.5-liter five-liter turbo diesel engine fitted to the current car. It will be adapted to improve performance and efficiency and may include a soft hybrid system to turn the engine off when moving. This will follow more powerful RS cars like the new Audi RS7. Once again, Audi’s Quattro four-wheel-drive system and automatic transmission will come standard. However, it is likely to be amended to improve performance and to comply with stricter emission regulations. Audi’s Quattro four-wheel-drive system and automatic dual-clutch transmission will be fitted as standard. You can expect the car to have more than 400 hp and be able to do 0-60 mph in about 4 seconds.

2021 Audi RS3 Safety

The 2021 RS3 was not accidentally tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The compact sports sedan is also available with standard and optional driver assistance technology. 2021 Audi RS3 key safety features include a lane departure warning system, customizable cruise control, lane departure warning, and automatic high beam headlights.