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The 2015 Volkswagen CC is essentially unchanged. Flying under the radar could be the motto of the 2015 Volkswagen CC, a sedan almost casually luxurious style without logo luxury car. For some, that is a draw, and so is the setting of relatively moderate prices CC. With CC, medium sedan richly equipped for the same price as less well-equipped models, “brand name” which are of a smaller size is obtained. If you do not mind the large VW badge on the nose, 2015 volkswagen cc could be a compelling package.

2015 Volkswagen CC Interior

The main attraction of the 2015 Volkswagen CC is an elegant and well-stocked interior. Is strong in the future, especially when a combination of two-tone colors is obtained, and with standard equipment such as seats navigation, dual-zone and automatic climate control and electric front with adjustable lumbar on both sides, the CC It can hold its own among social interest level luxury sedans. That said, the DC in years, and lacks some of the features commonly optional technology today. Examples include blind spot monitoring and adaptive cruise control. In addition, the configuration of infotainment CC is pretty basic and lacks the big screens and expansive customization features found in other systems.

2015 Volkswagen CC Engine

The 2015 Volkswagen CC base price, as noted, is relatively modest, and that means that your competitors do not necessarily come only from the sphere of luxury. You may well look loaded up the 2015 Ford Fusion or 2015 Mazda 6 versions, which are also elegant, stylish and fun to drive. The 2015 Acura TLX is also a close game, reflecting the decisions of the CC four- or six-cylinder power with standard all-wheel drive for the second. In the luxury segment, the CC can be seen as a substitute achievable humblest 2015 Audi A4 or BMW 320i CC 2015. Overall, the Edmunds.com “B” has not really wow us as before, but if I like his style and not care about the logo, which is a good alternative to these established players.

2015 Volkswagen CC Driving Impressions

Four-cylinder engine The 2015 Volkswagen CC provides a respectable acceleration and fuel economy. The V6 is stronger, but the jump in the cost does not seem worth it for us, given the minimal improvement in acceleration. Unfortunately, if want all-wheel drive, springing for V6 is the only way to get it.

Most drivers will find that the CC provides an acceptable balance between attractiveness handling and a comfortable ride. As usual Germanic, the ride is on the firm side, but the suspension still has the advantage over most road imperfections. In curves at reasonable speeds, the Volkswagen CC does not feel as strong and controlled as a thoroughbred sports sedan, but it is more than respectable as family sedans go. If you prefer Additional Athletics spirited driving, something like the 320i mentioned must hit the ground.

2015 Volkswagen CC Sport

2015 Volkswagen CC Sport

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