2015 Subaru BZR STI

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The Subaru has introduced its 2015 Subaru BZR STI Performance Concept, the glitz and the glamour of the 2015 New York motor show, providing a taste of what can be enjoyable to the corner for Japanese car maker.

Powered by a 225kW race car engine, installed on a race-spec suspension and the aggressive Aero bodywork, aggressive 2-door Coupe represents first step in a strategy to see Subaru BZR STI is presented as a stand-alone brand in the US – and potentially Australia. Although BRZ beefed-up concept at this stage it represents what the company could offer to customers in the very near future – especially if the answer is positive.

Fitted with the GT300 engine EJ20 from the BRZ Super GT race car fielded in Japan, turbocharged engine is estimated to produce around 225kW and 450Nm, that would give rear-drive coupe a significant performance boost over yet 147kW / 205Nm. The road-racer’s 0-100km / h dash could easily drop 5.0 seconds for every type of pepper under the bonnet. Some of the2015 Subaru BZR STI changes include a race-spec suspension, more powerful brakes, structural support to improve body rigidity and striking injured, the new body, including a deep rear spoiler rear diffuser plus a new LED driving lights integrated into the new wing of the front.

The STI version of the 2015 Subaru BRZ is more powerful since the car launched in July 2012 and although some managers Subaru secretly agreed to a lack of power issue, Hirakawa was coy when asked about the production realities.  Regardless of the engine that makes its way into the current BRZ as a special edition STI or the next model generation from 2018 is not yet clear.

Other changes 2015 Subaru BZR STI Performance Concept include a race car inspired interior design with a deep bucket seats, vehicle Telemetry system for measuring the G-forces of lap times, and one of the coolest of the steering wheel at the moment. The latter features an engine start button, the mode selector LED shift indicator built into the rim.

2015 Subaru BRZ STI Model

2015 Subaru BZR STI Model

The central console switchgear gives the vehicle the look of exotic and feel too, the length of the2015 Subaru BZR STI give evidence to stamp his authority Bespoke models. Hirakawa stated that “we will not introduce another concept of Subaru BZR STI for the Japanese customer” at the 2015 Tokyo motor show, that Subaru will invest its new strategy to emulate the likes of HSV, AMG and others.

2015 Subaru BRZ STI Facelift

2015 Subaru BZR STI Facelift

Although the production version of the striking 225kW BRZ STI has not been publicly confirmed any markets, reveal that 2015 Subaru BZR STI wants to bring the performance of its models standalone Australia at the right time.

2015 Subaru BZR STI Gallery

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