2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition

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2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition is conceptually the same and includes a number of improvements aimed his owners decided to take the GT-R GT-R Track track.the Edition offers a rear seat in the altar of performance hardware core. Removing the rear pretty useless is probably the most recognizable relative variation of track editing for regular models GT-R Premium and Black Edition. The rear seat space seems perfect for storing a pair of headphones are sewn. The front seats are unique blue accents and a mixture of fabric and soft leather slip upholstery.Performance wise, the track edition inherits a new front spoiler with air duct carbon fiber embedded in the cooling channels and brakes and suspension is perfect for the track. Higher spring rates special shocks are mounted on the four corners that the same metal black rays forged aluminum wheels are also painted the edition twin turbo GT-R Black Edition.2014 range GT-R V-6 Track engine is the same 545 hp GT-R last year. look at the production figures for the GT-R gradually increased over the years, 545 ponies connected to the unit of equipment in all GT-R and six-speed dual clutch automatic wheel is almost a recipe for laziness.

2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition

Mix in a little net frame and even weight reduction relatively insignificant to the removal of the rear seats deals and bet this GT-R will be a devilishly ride.It will also be a damn rare Nissan GT-R is setting only 150 examples of the track in the United States If this iteration Godzilla tickles your fancy editing, I suggest you get on the horn before focused.the Nissan GT-R track is just that kind of car. I started looking at the GT-R uses the price immediately after the key and it turns out they are holding their value surprisingly well. Applicants state can not know the GT-R Adam but fans can not seem to get enough to retain their value better than comparable Porsches.Nissan tinker with their new engineers. 2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition they made the V6 twin turbo most noticeable difference between 4500 and 6000 rpm with new fuel injectors and added new baffle the oil pan to stabilize the oil that reduces rotational friction, which helps increase the reactivity as Nissan.

2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition Red

Instead, it is another example of the tireless efforts of Nissan with each passing to push the limits of his legendary Japanese supercar, albeit only slightly year. And that’s something I respect, but I would go crazy if I plunking money on a GT-R on my own because I would be nervous about going to get next year.Anyway, back to this special edition we Follow GT R .The Black Edition, are not carbon fiber rear twin turbo V6 is a hammer and shoots wildly around the tachometer.2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition a great exhaust note, but you can not argue with its launch.

2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition Price

As for the gearbox with double clutch is a large room with changes seamless idling around town normal driving, and is fast and effective through the gears when the option to select reports manually yourself for business more enthusiastic.2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition this generation GT-R landed, forcing lifting the throttle during gear changes to make it even remotely smooth. 2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition , just keep buried away and it’s all good.

2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition Release Date2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition Release Date

2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition Release Date

2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition Specs

2014 Nissan GTR Track Edition Specs

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