2014 Lexus IS

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2014 Lexus IS has been sold since 1998 , a number of cars from entry level luxury / D segment cars Lexus. The IS was introduced as an entry-level sports below the ES in the Lexus model range. The SI was originally under the Toyota Altezza in Japan plate sold to the introduction of the Lexus brand and the second generation Lexus IS design in 2006 . was the name used new car Altezza chrome taillights like those with which the first generation model , as  Altezza lights  or lights Lexus type  first generation Altezza in Japan known point in the market in October 1998 , while the Lexus IS 200  debuted in Europe in 1999 and in North America as the IS 300 in 2000 , the first generation, inline-6 ​​- .2014 Lexus IS  powered IS sedan and wagon variants presented . second generation was launched globally in 2005 with V6 engine is 250  and 350  sedan models , a version of high performance V8 sedan follows F in 2007 and convertible versions ceiling drive, the third generation of the Lexus iS 250 C and iS 350 C , in 2008 .

2014 Lexus IS

first in January 2013 and includes the V6 iS 350 and IS 250 , IS F 300h hybrid variants and optimized performance sport . This is designation means smart Sport.In 2010, coinciding with the second line of the update, the 220d diesel with better fuel economy, but the lower output of 27 hp  . melody was the addition being built is called 200d in line F Sport  parts and accessories for the iS 250/350 , factory Lexus adds F Sport models produced in 2010.2014 Lexus IS  the second more updates soda also updated within the line . exchange is C contains transport systems intelligent communication units dedicated short range equipment.Change become standard American model M Sport Package includes metallic silver reviewed within trim.Change Japan F Sport package includes new interior dark pink , silver jewelry average yield panel. the first models include 350C.US iS 250C SE models went on sale in 2014 model year vehicle. the first models include iS 250C , iS F is 350C.Changes contains carbon rear spoiler , LED front fog lights, sports seats are marked logo  F in headrests , Alcantara upholstery on the door panels and center console , the communications standard Intelligent Transportation Systems and specialized dynamic range Sport model unit.

2014 Lexus IS F Sport

IS Control F short , including 7 hp engine thrust , low-friction piston pump , strengthen body contact , diffuser spoiler / rear exclusive carbon before 7 kg  of body weight less exclusive titanium mufflers , exclusive orange bow LEXUS logo with orange accent exclusive cover motor head , unique carbon fiber interior trim on the center console and the base of the door switch plate , choice of 7 colors including starlight flake.Japan exclusive models black crystal was released 2013 -09 – 05.US models went on sale in 2014 model year vehicle. safety devices for multiple systems comes airbags stability control varied. a Pre -Collision System was first in the market segment of compact luxury sedan .

2014 Lexus IS Interior

2014 Lexus IS four stars in front of the driver, front passenger and rear outboard passengers classes , the Insurance Institute for scores were security overall score map  good for the fourteen measured categories in the front and side impact tests.The second generation is the upcoming introduction of the new -finesse design philosophy marked on a production vehicle after the first Lexus Lexus GS performance sedan in 2006 . sedan’s exterior design submitted softer contours of a coupe , an airfoil and an arrowhead is repeated in the front fascia and the pattern of side windows. 2014 Lexus IS Sport models was better handling and performance, adaptive variable suspension system and variable ratio .

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