2014 Hummer H1

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2014 Hummer H1 is a civilian off-road vehicle based and created by AM General. It was initially known only as the Hummer However, in 1999, a joint venture between General Motors and AM General.It was at this point that the original Hummer was given the H1 designation. For collectors, the model is most desirable H1 Alpha, produced in the final model 2006. She had the most powerful engine and better fuel consumption H1 vehicles. Overall, the H1 was a very limited production vehicle.Originally designed exclusively for military use, the four-wheel utility vehicle was released to the civilian market due to strong demand.

2014 Hummer H1

2014 Hummer H1 has three common variants a soft, hard top Sport Truck bell-like utility and four-door wagon body Alpha version Other less known variants include truck with two doors, more commonly seen in sports turrets and other military flak launchers, or used as troop and cargo transport and slantback a four-door, which shares the same body style of the Humvee employed by the U.S. military  L ‘convertible / soft top and station wagon versions were the latest in the mass market. Both versions door and four-door pick-ups are only available in the fleet livery.

 2014 Hummer H1 Speed

The Hummer H1 shares some common parts transmission its HMMWV brethren.agencies have tools that allow semi-axes is high for greater distance. refrigerator is higher motor back bent over a front hood hinge. air intake is positioned high, which allows the passage average water level. Instead of using runflat tires, magnesium, aluminum or rubber inserts are an optional feature runflat ability.

2014 Hummer H1 Hybrid

Coating one or CARC resistant chemical is only available for military version. 2014 Hummer H1 is an extensively re-engineered H1 that was equipped with GM’s Duramax Diesel and 5-speed manual gearbox Allison. The previous version of the H1 with the 6.5L turbo-diesel optimizer suffered from weak sales, lack of energy was one of the reasons for customer resistance In 2002.


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