2014 Ferrari F1Car

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2014 Ferrari F1Car has the additional effect of reducing the frontal area for drag open the large doors , front wheels and exposed almost look like they were separated from the base and lift inherent in slippery body.The LED form a solution to maintain activeaero LaFerrari stuck on the road. All their wings and fins are hidden when the car is parked , but one of the most obvious things on the move. The front and rear of the chassis are always moving low resistance to high driving position , and supports manipulation. Part aerodynamic package is passive, there are also channels in the form of air that helps to stay attached to the body , while channeling the flow through the cooling system . And indeed, the LaFerrari need all the cooling may be a 6.3 liter 789 horsepower V intake ducts 12 of variable length, oil-cooled electric motor 161 hp hung on the back of the seven speed double clutch automatic and a set of low battery cooled which acts as a structural element of the rear passenger compartment.It calls for instant response of the electric motor to provide a kind of dynamic and cries fill the V  towers less than 12.

2014 Ferrari F1Car

All carbon fiber exposed with just a touch of Alcantara it , and a lot of pod mounted buttons whose functions are almost completely dark . In the fullness of time , you can learn the ways in which the menu buttons and four posts set in each of the driver’s hands to control the glass cockpit instrumentation . But it is not recommended in LaFerrari speed.2014 Ferrari F1Car adds a little more low end torque , more linear , more room for the red line.Almost have to adapt to it , and once you do, no car ever feel really fast and direct hurtingly again.I could not hear the movable aerodynamic elements in the RAWP engine, but I could feel its effects.

2014 Ferrari F1Car Launch

The car is invariably stable in a straight line under hard acceleration . Areas effectively shorten braking sensation, thanks to the large rear spoiler. In the corners , you must be fast enough to make it stick , and sometimes I had the throttle too fast and I felt at the back comes around, rinse my nervous system with adrenaline, to my tingling fingers . The application of this car to the track is the first look big , hairy and it looks small and very technical .2014 Ferrari F1Car electric power steering suspicion of road surface , even large spots. But it is still one of the best in the sense that I found no direct fault, no noise, and linear.

2014 Ferrari F1Car Wallpaper

2014 Ferrari F1Car is softer than the 458 , as it is running unless the spring but sometimes it feels like a 458 with nine testicles.On these emerging roads, very twisted, the car is taken before abundant, as if the extension of a fat, sharp claw at the top of the corner. It may be that we have reached the point where cars become so outrageously fast and deliciously powerful beyond our ability to invent new ways to describe them. In a sense, the writing on the LaFerrari is like playing poker on the salad. 2014 Ferrari F1Car something that can not be bound by the page that is a full body experience .

2014 Ferrari F1 Car Top Speed

2014 Ferrari F1 Car Top Speed

2014 Ferrari F1 Car  Specs

2014 Ferrari F1 Car Specs

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