What is Krav Maga System

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Krav Maga uses practical defensive techniques against weapons, such as how to hold, hold, and fight multiple attackers even when you are standing or on the ground. Krav Maga is trained by high-ranking military units and law enforcement officers around the world. Krav Maga is actively used to save lives both on the battlefield and on the streets. Krav Maga is a complete self-defense and combat system that brings the average citizen to a skilled level of self-defense in the shortest possible time. Parents bring their children to our center for all kinds of reasons. But most importantly, they want to help their children have fun while growing important life skills, kids self-defense class started in mortdale read more at sgskravmaga.com.au

KMG’s Krav Maga system combines science and experience, instinct-based self-defense, and combat techniques with established techniques, tactics, teaching methods, and exercises. KMG has a strong curriculum that teaches and develops courage, controlled aggression and perseverance, fighting spirit and combat thinking, situational awareness, as well as conflict prevention, prevention tactics, and verbal escalation when necessary and possible.

The KMG system is built from three combined parts.

  • CQB, Armed and unarmed hand-to-hand combat:  an officer learns to defeat an opponent quickly and efficiently. It includes various elements of combat: tactics, techniques, combinations, psychology, and the mentality of the fighter. The use of knives, sticks and weapons for attacks is combined.
  • Self-defense techniques are techniques that allow practitioners to effectively protect themselves from armed and unarmed attackers. The techniques are ultimately used to simulate stressful, uncomfortable conditions and environments, such as in the dark, on the ground, indoors and outdoors, and in situations that restrict the practitioner’s movement.
  • Close protection and third-party protection:  protection of a third party (friend, family member, VIP, colleague, or compatriot) from any attack and threat; working with one or more attackers; relocating, evacuating, and caring for another person; works in different environments and places under different conditions.

Krav Maga Development

Krav Maga consists of three pillars, self-defense; combat skills and tactics; Third Party, and VIP Protection and Review. Krav Maga is a practical realistic system that was developed by its founder Imi (Sde-or) Lichtenfeld to teach them to avoid, prevent, prevent or combat all forms of violent conflict developed in real conditions in Israel. It is being developed by Eyal Yanilov, the closest assistant to Krav Maga Imi and the top instructor at Krav Maga Global.

Krav Maga Learning

Krav Maga is a unique and logical system of self-defense, combat skills, and defensive tactics. Krav Maga does not have traditional or sports elements, all of its teaching methods are based on adapting an instinctive response through basic training, which becomes practical in a short time and is useful in stressful situations. Krav Maga, which enhances the intern’s capabilities on a physical, mental, technical, and tactical level, is suitable for everyone, as anyone can achieve their goals and meet their needs under the guidance of a certified teacher.

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