Upgraded S&T PPSh-41 Airsoft AEG SMG

January 2nd, 2020 · 0 Comments · Blog

The Real Wood PPSH Electric Blowback Airsoft Gun is a great choice for the avid player or novice collector. The build quality of this gun is incredible, it’s made of steel and wood, just like the real one. The upper receiver splits from the lower to allow access to the quick-switch spring system and hopping adjustment. Included with this incredible gun is a 2000 round high-capacity drum magazine. To top it all off, the gun features an elegant exterior and solid interior, real wood furniture, and a realistic blowback system that adds an extra element of realism to this already great airsoft gun.

The first thing you notice when pulling the airsoft PPSH thing out of the box is how hefty it is; it felt really solid and the real metal and wood make you feel like you’re holding the real deal. And once you remove the huge orange plastic flash disguise, it looks like you’re holding the real deal, too. The second thing you will notice is that it does not come with a battery. But luckily for me I live near an airsoft store and managed to charge the appropriate battery shortly after I bought the gun. The last thing I noticed was the lack of a carry strap. The PPSH had its own type of carrying strap and it is sad to see that it was not included when competing models included the strap. However, it is not difficult to use any other 2-point sling with this gun.

The battery is stored in the gun fabric, which is hollowed out to accommodate a small type or nunchuck style battery. Space is limited, so no hope of installing a large battery. It actually has one false screw; you press a button and the whole butt plate swings around for you to access the section. I highly recommend reading the manual or checking out a youtube video review of the gun first to see visually how it works.

Unfortunately, when my gun arrived, the battery connection tested loose. When I plugged in a battery, it took a bit of a wiggle to get the gun and battery to connect and get the gun to work. I tried several batteries to check that it was not a problem at the end of the battery. However, once I get the connection working it is pretty much out of the way until I need to charge the battery and connect it again. Occasionally the gun will stop working because the connection becomes loose during shooting, but I don’t worry too much as I use this gun mainly for target backyard shooting. We can see this as a problem if you’re airsofting on a field, but I assume my case is a random flaw and it’s not going to be true for everyone.

Unfortunately, the first thing that happened was that the blowback mechanism was broken. A small section that held one of the blow-back springs had gone out of place and disappeared when using the gun. I made another trip to the store hoping that they would have the part I needed to do the repairs. Fortunately, they did; it seems to be a non-standard part manufactured specifically for this gun. Once I replaced the part, the blowback was back in order. But on the same note … after repeated use and safe storage of the gun, the tension in the blow springs degraded back to a point where the bolt would come to rest in a slightly open position.

The next thing to break down was the trigger guard. After several weeks of carrying it around the house and backyard shooting, all but one of the screws holding the trigger guard in place had come loose. One had even become so loose that he fell out and was lost mid-operation. Even after tightening, it felt like the screws were not grasping the threads and that they would slip loose again by the end of the day. I replaced the missing screw with a similar one from another airsoft gun, but the sharpness of the trigger guard remains an issue.

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