What are Reasons to Wear Knee Sleeves

January 8th, 2020 · 0 Comments · Blog

There are two main reasons for wearing knee sleeves. The first is if you are having problems with one or both of your knees. Wearing knee sleeves can help relieve some of the general pain that comes with injury or … a lifetime of poor action and decisions. The second reason to wear knee sleeves is to prevent problems with your knees. Currently, I’m in this category. My knees are fine – which is amazing considering all the crazy things I’ve done in my life. However, if I try to do any kind of lower-body exercise, my knees are sore for days. With knee sleeves, my knees feel great and I have no issues.

For those of you lucky enough to have a home gym/garage, knee sleeves may be a necessity during the winter season. A cold barbell does not mean you have to have cold knees. You probably do not need a knee sleeve if you are not new to lifting or you do not experience any knee soreness and/or pain. However, if you’re in this for the long term and are looking to push your body to the limit, you will eventually have a sleeve in your gym bag. Be smart and stay ahead.

Just got my sleeves in, and they fit like a charm. They do not slide down during lifts, are tight but not so tight that you cannot move in them, and are extremely comfortable. Very easy to remove too. I’ll come back to how durable they are in the future, but in my initial review, they are pretty amazing and feel great for my big lifts. – S. Briggs

As a leading Olympic lifter, I can tell you that I have used all the brands and types of knee sleeves available. I have been using my 5/3/1 sleeves for a few weeks now and they are great! Stay in place, easy on and off, a nice fit, and a great price point compared to many other brands. Thanks for an amazing product! Highly recommended for all types of lifting. – B. Shinn

  • -They arrived in a very timely manner.
  • -They are very well made.
  • – Great support without making my legs feel numb.
  • -I have only ever owned a pair of knee sleeves that did not accumulate once during a training session.

– L. Barber

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