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How to lose weight without frustration, without starving, and without regaining the lost pounds? Discover a Complete Guide to Science and Logic on how to lose up to 2 pounds of fat per week and learn how to never diet again. Today, you may no longer be confident in yourself. You walk down the street with that horrible feeling that everyone is looking at you. Let everyone stare at you and judge you. And the worst part is when you compare yourself to others.

You can win the war on overweight

It is terrible, and these feelings are plaguing you. Worse yet, they cause you to take refuge in food to combat stress. A real vicious cycle… that takes you from one food restriction to another with the same disappointment at the end. And at the level of physical form, it is a disaster. You are unable to climb stairs without being all red and without breathing or sweating. Yes, your overweight rots your life every day. You feel frustrated and angry. But I promise you that this is not inevitable or a question of genetics. Today, I am giving you the means to get out of this mess for good and I am committed to a Money-Back Guarantee.

How I lost 15 pounds at 47

My problem is, I am a big eater. My father always said of me: “It is better to see him in pictures than at the table”. Suddenly, I didn’t stop putting on weight, especially after 40 years. And yet, I’ve been exercising several times a week since I was 18! But that was not enough. Thanks to the complete program that I developed, I lost 15 kilos, including 8 in a month and a half at the age of 47, without starving myself and without counting my calorie intake. In the photo on the right, I am already 50 years old.

For years, I grew inexorably, until I weighed more than 100 kg for 1.86 meters despite the sport. I didn’t know what to do anymore. Today I know what was wrong and how to fix it by Programme perte de poids. Over the past 5 years, I have written hundreds of articles on weight loss, sports nutrition, bodybuilding, and fitness that have helped millions of readers. But I was aware of the importance of bringing together the best techniques for losing fat in order to make them accessible to as many people as possible. This is why I created the “I am learning to eat to lose weight” program.

Why you’ll love this weight loss program

The few testimonials that you have just read written to me spontaneously and that makes me really happy. This proves that I have not taken a wrong turn. Here are some points that emerge from the messages of those who tested it on what they liked.

✅ The techniques are proven by scientific studies for a rapid loss of fat mass.
✅ You easily apply an effective method, with lots of tips to lose weight quickly and well.
✅ The guide is divided into progressive phases: learning, simple weight loss techniques, rapid elimination of your fat reserve, targeting, and stabilization.
✅ No need to count macros and calories, so no need to weigh your food.
✅ From new habits allow you to continue to treat yourself to a healthy diet. You learn important but simple things like the effect of water on your fat stores.
✅ Your weight loss guide and its bonuses follow you everywhere: smartphones, tablets, and computers.
✅ You succeed through an educational approach: eating a healthy balanced diet becomes child’s play!
✅ The 3-phase fitness program (optional) allows you to get into sport gradually. You will love to see your body transform.

What is included in this comprehensive program?

It is therefore in the form of a 150-page digital guide with 3 bonuses and a fitness program for those who want to get back to the sport with the PLUS option. So you can have it anywhere on your smartphone, computer, or tablet. Everything is accessible and usable immediately.

Part 1: Find out the calories, the satiety index, the right way to eat, the feeling of hunger, the real impact of sport to burn fat, etc.
Part 2: Learn Which Nutrients To Go For Fast Weight Loss Without Depriving You, And Why Some Are More Important Than Others.
Part 3: Understand Your Needs And How To Lose Stomach Fat Without Counting Calories And Weighting Foods With Tips Supported By Scientific Studies.
Part 4: The 3 extremely effective modules to use as needed, without frustration, to lose weight from the first week.
Part 5: Keep the Fat at bay when you’ve reached your ideal weight and become self-reliant for long-term (and non-dieting) success.

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