How To Use DeskFlex Room Reservation Program

January 1st, 2020 · 0 Comments · Blog

The DeskFlex room and resource booking software can integrate into any existing company network. DeskFlex can also integrate with hundreds of web-based software applications such as Zapier, ✔ Octa, ✔ Office 365, ✔ Outlook, ✔ Active Directory. Once the integration is complete, team members can download the mobile application version of the DeskFlex desktop booking system on iOS and Android platforms.

DeskFlex is the Online room reservation software is the total office space management software solution that helps your organization manage workplace dynamics and increase productivity to achieve business goals. We also offer Outlook integration for both the 2013 and 2016 versions. To let you experience the powerful features and functions, try our room reservation system for free. Users can make reservations for the next day or next week using the free conference room scheduling application. By using their meeting room scheduling devices with an internet connection, team members can view their preferred workspaces and make reservations right there and then.

Higher-level management can create meetings, events, and conferences by using the meeting room manager login and sending alerts to the session participants. In addition, staff with access to a meeting room booking engine can book conference rooms and additional equipment such as overhead projectors, conference speakers, WiFi connections, sound systems, etc. The DeskFlex equipment tracking room availability displays real-time equipment status. Furthermore, DeskFlex office desktop booking software allows users to edit, cancel, or add some notes to their room booking bookings. Users can also book a parking space when the workstation in question has a designated parking space with free meeting planning tools.

DeskFlex COVID Compliance

Apart from the possibility of a seamless desktop booking process, DeskFlex’s best meeting room booking software helps prevent COVID contamination in the office with our updated software features. To protect clients, employees, and the workplace from Coronavirus infection, have a meeting room scheduling system:

  • Automatic desktop sanitation between users.
  • Dynamic desktop scheduling.
  • Mask detection.
  • Thermal scanner.
  • Visitor Management.
  • Social distance policy.
  • Contact tracking features.
  • Vaccine management.

Easy room booking and scheduling with DeskFlex

Our room scheduling software ensures the integrity of the bookings and bookings. It makes bookings easier for your employees and eliminates conflicts of schedules, overbookings, or lost bookings. We are constantly upgrading our room reservation system features to meet the changes and demands of the times. Try our free online meeting room booking system suitable for small and large organizations and enjoy the basics:

With email and text notifications upon confirmation of the room reservation and a few hours before the reservations, the DeskFlex room reservation management system reduces non-turnaround and eliminates human error. When creating a meeting room discussion, participants will also receive text and email notifications of the meeting invitation. Manage your office space potential with our desktop booking software. Users can track space utilization using DeskFlex web-based room scheduling system’s detailed reports and analyzes. By tracking how your team members use the workspaces, you can decide which spaces to renovate to address team members’ needs and preferences that can enhance their work performance.

Help your worker’s book conference rooms efficiently to save time and effort. With DeskFlex’s free online room booking system, user-friendly interface, users can view, edit and cancel bookings with just a few clicks. Let your team members try the DeskFlex conference room reservation system for free firsthand.

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